Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome to the S***show!

The last week has been a whirlwind. One that very accurately sums up my hiking experience as a whole. In the last week, we have been hailed on, rained on, climbed up mountains, climbed down mountains. We have loved the trail, we have hated the trail. We have loved the towns, we have hated the towns. And we have met some really incredible people.

It's hard to really sum up the experience or even begin, but it starts in Helena at a bus stop. The bus stop happened to be located next to an Eagles Club bar. We had 30 minutes before the next bus and decided to get a drink. From here the story gets a little more confusing.

We made friends with two awesome people at the bar and ended up going to get a bite to eat with them and invited to stay at their place. The next morning, feeling a little worse for wear, we decided to go see a movie. Once it started hailing after the movie, we took up a trailangel's offer to stay at her place. Her boyfriend had just finished an AT thru hike AND they were barbecuing that night. They also lived in a totally badass old church. They gave us a ride back to the pass the next morning as they were headed to a disc golf tournament.

From there the trail was trail, with lots of ups and downs. We got hit with some huge hail and massive raindrops. But we still had climbs that made us fantasize about meeting hunters with coolers of cold sodas. The weather is definitely changing though, with the mornings getting colder and the Sun setting earlier.

Even though the section was short, we were still excited for the next town, Lincoln MT. Breeze and I had a near insta-hitch, with only two cars passing before one picked us up. We had a reunion with hikers we hadn't seen in awhile and found a place to stay. I befriended a great local while at the laundromat that came and hung out with us later at night.

We are about 300 miles to the end, with a big section coming up between here and East Glacier. Roughly two weeks remaining. We might be dragging our feet to the finish, but we're enjoying every minute!

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