Sunday, July 7, 2013

When hiking stops being fun.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly why this last section sucked. It could have been the puking, the diarrhea, the lack of appetite, the hail, the lightning, the rain. Every article of gear was drenched, and being low on energy did not help.

When we arrived into Steamboat Springs, CO, it felt like the end of a death march. We ended up hitching into town a few miles early, but after "sleeping" through a downpour and lightning show, getting up 4:40, Breeze puking on the side of the highway, hiking 14 miles with no ability to eat, we were ready for town. Also we were in a race with the Post Office's Saturday hours, and needed to get to town before 12. We struggled through the day to fix ourselves, but as dinner rolled around, it was obvious we were both still unwell, and we had to ask for take away boxes and retreat to our hotel room. With a pit stop at a gas station for every tummy fixer they sold.

Getting sick happens, but when you can crash on a couch for a few days and take it easy it doesn't seem too bad. But trying to hike 25 miles a day when you're peeing out the butt is miserable.

Enough with the lovely details! I'm in Steamboat Springs, trying to recover and keep calories in my body. I'm probably at my lowest weight of the trail due to dehydration and tummy sadness. Originally I had planned to do this next segment as one 155 mile section, but with how we are feeling, it's looking like we have to go into Encampment WY midway through the segment. It's making it harder to get to Yellowstone in time to see Papa, but I can't mess with GI issues!

Hiking is fun. Not.

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