Saturday, June 1, 2013


I had hoped to write a more thrilling and detailed account of the trail as I took a zero day yesterday, but as zero days go, it was full of chores and eating, and I neglected the blog. But I am indeed in Colorado, having completed approximately 700 miles and the state of New Mexico! I've picked up a new pair of shoes, a new pair of orange Spandex, and more food, but for the most part things are the same. Only thru hikers believe that the same gear they carried in the desert is adequate in the mountains.

And mountains they are! Currently we are hiking in San Juan range, staying mostly above 11,000ft and dabbling in lots of snow, postholing up to the waist, and freezing our shoes at night. A few nights ago, we even got a dusting of freshies!

And now back to the trail after my first zero day, though I felt the zero was unnecessary. The body is holding up just fine, I'm craving big miles and bigger meals, and it feels good to make a dent in the trail.

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