Tuesday, May 21, 2013

obligatory update

Howdy all!

I'm in Cuba NM, spending a night in a hotel and resting the bones.  So far we have walked 500 miles in 20 days.  For those of you with no frame of reference, we are absolutely killing it. In this last section, we hike a 33 mile day, a 34 mile day, summited an 11,000 foot peak, and hiked 24 miles to make it in town before 6pm. All of us have healed from our overuse injuries for the most part, and my cankles are back to being regular ankles with bones and function!!!

The trail has also been more fun to look at lately.  We have walked along mesa rims, summited a peak, traversed lava fields, and generally enjoyed a varied terrain.  The walking has been a little more demanding as a result, but our bodies are adapting well. 

Sadly my body did NOT adapt well to gluten-filled pie. But it was delicious!  The pie shops did open the following morning in Pie Town, and we stayed until mid afternoon enjoying the delights.  I had an apple pie made with green chiles and pinon pine nuts...so good!! Unfortunately my tummy was grumpy at the gluten though and I felt like a ticking time bomb.  When we hiked out of town we passed some property with a sign that encouraged hikers to come take water and refuge at a piece of property along the trail.  Never ones to pass up such an offer, we passed through the fence and discovered a sweet trailer set up for hikers and two welcome mules! The mules got a little too friendly, trying to steal our food and one bit Sweet As in the bum! We decided to spend the night and cooked dinners on the front step and climbed into the beds, linens provided!  Our attempt to get out early the next morning was foiled by sleeping in.  Oh well!

We kept hiking.  Lots of miles, not so many days.  We've gotten our first reports about snow in the Southern San Juans, and it appears that it might be a bit of a slushfest and drastically reduce mileage.  But for now, we're still pushing forward and going to worry about the snow when we get there.  I'm only a day behind Liz, who I've been trying to catch since the start, even though she started a week before me, so the pushing has paid off, and I hope to see her at Ghost Ranch in two days! In a little more than a week I will be finished with New Mexico, and 1/4 done with the trail!!!

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