Monday, May 13, 2013

No pie?!

Ahhh! So I've finally arrived in Pie Town NM, famous for its cake clearly, and both restaurants are closed! Rumor is one will be open tomorrow morning, and if it is, there will be atleast 9 happy hikers!!!

So somewhere around 300 miles done in 14 days; a solid pace that has been generally easy due to unseasonably cold weather that has made the hours easy. Sweet As, Aquaman and I have crossed paths with quite a few other hikers, and hiked some incredible terrain, following the Gila river, crossing it between 150 and 200 times. We also spent more time in the trees, an exciting change from the 3 foot scrub of before. Sadly overuse injuries are plaguing us, myself suffering from what I believe to be Achilles tendonitis. A very swollen ankle that has made it necessary to hack open my shoes to help relieve the pressure on the swelling. With a heavy dosage of ibuprofen and baby talking to my joints, I've been able to keep moving, and hopefully I'm on the up and up!

Enough with the boring details. Here's what we've been doing to entertain ourselves. From 7 pm to 8 pm is "no judgment hour" in which anything and everything goes. We've developed a storyline about me being pregnant with a T-rex. We've attempted to communicate with the cows. We have white kid dance parties. We invented a cowbear, including mating calls. We have tried to skip rocks across cattle water tanks. We terrify section hikers or newbies with lunatic stories and foul language. We get jacked up on Crystal Light Energy, known as Crystal Crack in our inner circle. We punctuate our otherwise intelligent conversations about traveling with endless flatulence. And our never-fail entertainment is giving Aquaman a hard time. Anytime of day, that provides Sweet As and I with a solid giggle.

So, tonight is a relaxing night, with a hiker-friendly stew made from mystery meat from the trail angel's freezer and canned vegetables. As hiker midnight approaches (9 pm), we'll all trickle off to sleep and dream of pie, hopefully foreshadowing breakfast!

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