Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Where have I been!?


I am so ready to be on trail.  As much as I am trying to slow down, everything is spinning way too fast and I can't keep up with it.  In the last month, I have torn my medial collateral ligament (MCL), moved out of my condo, attempted to tie up all the loose ends of my hike, and continued to work non-stop.  And of course, toss in some personal drama, and I have been way too stressed lately. 

Friends of mine are already on the trail, and I envy them.  Not because I am ready to hike, but I am ready to be done with all the planning and stress.  I fully admit that I am the worst person at handling stress, and while it's not often, those closest to me suffer endlessly until I can relax.  The gym used to be the best stress release I had, but now with a torn ligament, I was put on limited activity until it heals so that I can go through with my hike.

For those of you that don't know, thankfully the MCL is a minor ligament, and I had a partial tear.  It can heal itself if managed correctly, but it is still frustrating to deal with.  I was out snowboarding and hit a jump and as I took off, I put too much pressure on the inside of my back leg and there was a distinct, and gut wrenching, "pop."  I was nearly in tears before making it down the rest of the hill.  I knew immediately that I tore a ligament due to years of friends tearing them skiing, playing soccer, and rugby.  In a nanosecond I thought, "There goes my hike, my bank account, and my ski season."  I was able to get ice on it quickly, and went straight to the emergency care, where my suspicions were confirmed, though thankfully the damage was just done only to my MCL, not the ACL, a much more serious tear.  And in a second stroke of fate, I was dog sitting for a woman that is a Physical Therapist, and in exchange for dog sitting, she offered to help rehab my knee, knowing I was on a very tight deadline before my hike.  With her help, it seems that I will be almost 100% before the hike, and hopefully won't have any more issues. 

But trust me, the added stress was completely unnecessary. 

The list of things to do keeps getting longer as the days keep getting shorter.  I still need to figure out how to load my GPS, sort out all my mail drops, ship out New Mexico, make the Colorado boxes and leave them ready in Park City, then ship the remainder to my dad in Connecticut to ship back to me on trail when the time comes.  I still have printing to finish and lots of organizing to complete.  I have to figure out what to do with my car, and make sure all my loose ends are tied before taking off.  And for the next two weeks, the two youngest kids I nanny are home, while Mom took the two oldest to India (lucky!!!) so there's lots of activities to keep up with. 

I love my life, but I am going to sleep like a champion for my first week on trail! 

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