Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Kickoff weekend is always a mess, and this one was no exception! I had a fantastic time, mostly hanging out with 2012 hikers, due to a sad showing of 2011 hikers. But I got to see Eggman, push, honey buzz, euro trash, and topsy turvy, data muffin, and their little baby! It was a fun weekend, relaxing and sharing stories, and shaking some nerves before the CDT.

The last night, a ridiculously freak accident happened where a huge oak tree crashed down in the camp and nearly crushed 5 tents. Thankfully I was still up sitting around the campfire, and was able to jump up and climb through the tree checking to make sure everyone was okay. Without going into too much detail, if the tree had fallen a few feet in any other direction, people could have been in very serious trouble. But we were very lucky and other than some torn tents, a broken pole and some very shaken people, we dodged a really serious accident. My tent was only 3 feet from where the tree crashed down.

I'm currently in the Amtrak station with the three guys I'm starting with, trip, aquaman, and sweet-as. We will be headed of in the next 15 minutes towards new Mexico, and be on trail tomorrow. Eek!

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