Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Without a doubt, the most stressful, time consuming, and expensive part of my hike is the food planning.  Unlike the trails of my past, for this doozy, I am relying almost solely on mail drops for my food.  Before you start thinking bush plans, mail drops simply mean I am pre-packaging my food before the trail, and shipping it to post offices and businesses along the way that will hold my packages until I arrive.  In the past, I mostly relied on local stores to resupply the hiking food that I needed when I arrived in town.  Both methods have pros and cons.

Mail Drops -
Pros: Buying food in bulk reduces cost, healthier fare, reliability of having trail-friendly food, less time wasted in town, easier to maintain gluten-free diet
Cons: Limited PO hours, shipping costs, potential of hating everything I've pre-packed, packages lost in the mail, reliance on someone to ship packages

Resupply as you go -
Pros: eating whatever you crave, support local economies, flexibility of hours/days, significantly less planning
Cons: less healthy (gas station resupply), time, being at the mercy of small stores that have been previously picked over by hikers ahead of you, walking into a supermarket with hiker hunger and a credit card...

So for this trail, I am planning on shipping myself 23 boxes of food.  I can certainly supplement along the way with local stores, and certainly will, but I am going to try and stick to my pre-packed food to end up with healthier and cheaper items. Much of my food was bought with pro-deals and on sale at bulk prices, so I should eat really well for under a dollar a mile.  (Still expensive, but I am eating pretty damn good)

So for my daily intake:

1 Starbucks Via
Either Granola with powdered milk and freeze dried berries and nuts or Puffed Quinoa with freeze dried berries, Flax Seed and Nido (powdered whole milk) or Muesli and powdered milk

1st Morning Snack-
GU packet

2nd Morning Snack-
Bar (Clif bars, Larabars, Clif Builder Bars, Luna Bars, Probars, Mixed Nut and Seed Bars)

Lunch- (same every day, just whatever I feel like eating)
Dehydrated Refried Beans
Chips (tortilla, potato, corn and flax, rice crackers)
Veggie Chips
Peanut Butter

Afternoon Snack-

Idahoan Potatoes
Rice noodle soup
Broccoli cheddar bacon potatoes
Potatoes fiesta (with fake taco meat, cheese powder, freeze dried peppers, corn, carrots)
Polenta Fiesta
Polenta and Veggies
Cheesy Bacon Polenta
Cheddar Bacon Grits
Rice Cous Cous and pesto sauce
Quinoa Primavera with powdered butter

Bedtime Snack-
Protein Powder and Chia Seeds
Fruit Snacks

Depending on quantities consumed and combinations, I will have between 2500 and 3500 calories a day, though that number will rise as I get further down the trail and need to add more bars, nuts, and cheese to my diet.  And cookies.  Lots of gluten-free cookies.  I expect care packages from all of you with gluten-free goodies inside!

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