Friday, April 26, 2013

And it begins!

I had a hectic few days leading up to my flight, always too much to do, and never enough time. Currently I am sleep deprived, and the wheels are still spinning trying to recall anything left behind. So far I've remembered that I forgot gloves. That's it. And socks will work, so I think I'm actually doing alright!

And I'm back in San Diego for another ADZPCTKO, eager to see familiar faces and try and shake some stress before swinging east to New Mexico. It's happening whether or not I feel ready, so there's no reason to fight it! I am nervous about the hike, about expectations, about trying to haul ass and catch up to Liz and Co that started a full week ahead of me. 100 miles is a very large gap to cover and I'm nervous about trying. I'm worried my body won't take nicely to the strain, fresh on the trail and I hope that my mcl tear, and consequential lack of working out doesn't hold me back, or write, send me home. Thankfully I had a full team of people trying to rehab me, from a physical therapist, doc, understanding supervisor, slackbow personal trainer (thanks Jim...people in PC check it out, it really helped me when I was restricted from doing much else! ) and all my friends that politely, and sometimes forcibly, kept me from doing "not doctor approved" activities, such as soccer and snowboarding...

But now that the trail is here, I feel strong, though I can't stop thinking about my knees! Once I get walking I hope that the stress melts from my shoulders, the backpack will be plenty of weight.

Well folks, keep checking back, I'll try and be as consistent as I can with updates. I know some of you out there are eager to experience my suffering as it's my dad's buddy Roy from college!  If nothing else Liz has been hanging out on Facebook the last few days "hiking" so I should be able to keep you informed!

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