Friday, April 19, 2013

...And I'm Back!

So most of you end up on this site to read about all my hiking plans, so I guess I should spend some time talking about them.  No more feelings for a while!

In exactly one week I will be enroute to San Diego for a weekend of fun and frolicking before disappearing into the deserts of New Mexico. So of course, I have oodles to do!  Thankfully I had enough foresight to start working on food prep months ago, so at this point I am just doing my final tallies and making sure that I have all the food I need.  140 days worth of food.  Regardless of what I plan to eat, I will end up hating it after that much time, but I am trying to add variety and color to my diet so I'm not stuck with just oats and rice.  More to come about my diet another time.

I'm also doing my last minute gear swaps and repairs (my tent took a beating on Mt. Shasta this summer...)  I've decided to follow Liz's lead and try out the Croc flip flops for camp shoes after her glowing review, so the wacky ZEM shoes I picked up might not make an appearance.  It's also been a struggle to decide what system of clothing to bring.  I miss the days on the AT when I was naive and dumb and just carried what I owned.  Unfortunately, now almost everything I own has an outdoor use, and if I carried it all, I'd need a team of Sherpas.  Currently I'm thinking of doing a Gore-tex Raingear shell, Patagonia down Ultralight hoody, a lightweight long-sleeve thrift store button up for sun protection, and cotton t-shirt for the desert, with lightweight running shorts, spandex capris and GoLite rain paints.  Among the second string clothes that are still being considered are: the Marmot windshirt beloved by many hikers, a short-sleeve hooded technical shirt, my much loved blaze orange thermal, and my synthetic fake-down jacket.  Thankfully, I've learned to leave someone with a storage key, so if I do need any gear swaps it can happen a little easier than in the past. I'll also do another post soon about all the gear I'm carrying, since people are always interested in what's in my 60lb pack.  Oh wait, that's that girl from "Wild," my pack is much lighter...

So for now, life is back under control! I knew everything was better when Zz and I proceeded to have a dance party in the middle of the Jordanelle marina parking lot in the Expedition to Macklemore...and the state parks trooper came up to investigate...

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