Tuesday, January 15, 2013

lets go....grocery shopping?

This post probably won't be very exciting to most, but I will try to liven it up a bit with my normal ranting and raving.  The fantastic topic? Food Planning!!!

Yes, you are correct.  Watching paint dry IS more enjoyable.  But this stupid trail has far less access to grand grocery stores and as much as I hate planning, food drops are almost essential.  "But wait, haven't people hiked without drops before?"  Probably! However this winter I have jumped on the Gluten-Free bandwagon, and as difficult as it will be to stay GF while hiking, I think that the benefits of doing it far outweigh the hassle. 

So Gluten.  For those of you not cool enough to be in the fad diet loop, gluten is the protein found in wheat that can have a less than desirable impact on the small intestine.  Some people have celiac disease which makes them hyper-sensitive to the protein, or other people just have a sensitivity to gluten and suffer from minor ailments and discomfort.  I think I might fall into the latter.  After countless nights of feeling bloated, sick, and like a volcano waiting to explode, I decided, "Well shoot, I might as well try."  As a stroke of luck, the family I nanny for also tries to avoid wheat and gluten, so I have learned from them some of the best brands and tricks, so the transition was seamless.  In a short chunk of time, I stopped having that general feeling of gut bomb, and was sold on the idea. 

These days, so many gluten-free alternatives are produced that even Wally World stocks numerous brands, and almost everything has a GF doppelganger.  Bread? check! Cookies? check! Beer? check! Cous cous? check!  Which brings me full circle.  Planning these food drops will be much more challenging without gluten.  My hiking staples of mac and cheese and cous cous are not exactly gluten-free.  Atleast in their natural state.  So enter the food lab.  In the last few weeks I have been studying the shelves like a professor and trying to figure out what options I have.  Tonight I even found a rice based cous cous!  It's yet to be seen if it works as quick and tasty as the real deal, but if it does, it'll be a life saver!  Additionally, I think I am going to try and get all mad scientist-y with a food dehydrator and see if I can cook quinoa then dehydrate it, or other rice products.  I also need to bulk buy veggies and meats and see if I can concoct new and exciting meals out of them. And I need to get on this thing called the Interweb and start contacting companies about GF foods and if they can ship in bulk direct to me.  I've already started "borrowing" condiment packets from the ski resort...individual cholula packets?! Brilliant!

Okay I have officially bored myself writing about this and I'm distracted by "Snooki and Jwoww."  Blog done!

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