Saturday, January 12, 2013


The background of my computer has a little widget that shows:

Park City, UT

Well folks. This isn't describing PC as the best place to live, or the number 1 ranked ski destination.  No my friend, that is the current temperature just beyond my windows.  A single degree of Fahrenheit.  I am curled up in bed, in my sweats, with a space heater set to "high" aimed my direction, and I'm still cold.  If it wasn't for the creamy, fluffy, dry, world-famous snow that falls here, I'd go crazy.  I used to spend a significant part of my winters scantily clad in warm, sunny locations.  South Africa, South America, Costa Rica.  How on earth did I end up here?!

Utah is probably the worst place in the world to live.  Lots of crime, too many people, boring views, and possibly some of the ugliest and most miserable landscape I have ever seen in my entire life.  You should never come here.  Don't waste your time.

Not convincing you?  Yea, I didn't think it would work. 

Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall.  There has not been a day I haven't enjoyed in Utah.  300+ days of sunshine, and for the 5 months of winter, most fingers are crossed tight for storm clouds and fresh snow.  I live above 6,000ft, and have access to some of the best natural playgrounds a dirtbag could hope for.  I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time exploring the west coast this summer, but every time I came back through Utah, my sense of wonder and awe grew, and I felt so lucky to call this place home.  How much longer will I call Utah home?  I don't know, so I might as well enjoy it while I do!!

Alright back on task.  It's cold.  Really cold.  Face mask securely attached by frozen snot, 20 minutes of warming my car to drive 5 minutes to work, wearing snow pants "just because", cold.  It seems like good time to reflect back on those lovely 100 degree days hiking in Arizona...

It's hard to believe how much has passed since those days.  Almost 9 months ago the 11/12 ski season ended, I hopped on a plane for Tucson AZ, met my dad and started hiking the Arizona Trail.  Since then I have:

Hiked 170 Arizona Trail miles,
Visited San Diego for ADZPCTKO and other wanderings in So.Cal,
Returned to the AZT for another 100 miles,
Escaped to So.Cal to live at Casa de Luna and help (drink beer?) at the Anderson's,
Returned to Park City for 2 weeks to nanny.
Visited Lake Tahoe,
Crater Lake NP, 
Bend OR for a Wilderness First Responder Course,
Portland OR for Adventure Treks Training,
Nor.Cal for Adventure Treks.
Summited Mt Shasta with AT,
Left AT because it sucked to work for them,
Returned to Portland!
Passed through Olympic NP.
Seafair in Seattle,
Summited Mt Adams,
Nannied in Hood River OR,
City of Rocks, ID.
Attended a Redcliff Wedding,
hiked the Narrows in Zion NP,
hiked the Under the Rim Trail, Bryce Canyon NP,
wandered numerous Slot Canyons in Escalante,
Kayaked Lake Powell,
hiked in Canyonlands NP
Mountain Biked in Moab.
Flew to Minneapolis MN,
Explored the Boundary Waters MN,
flew back to CT to see family and friends,
and finally....

home to Park City. 

For almost 7 months I lived out of a backpack, tent, storage unit, and car.  I went days and days without a shower.  I had a small box of clothes in my car that I washed once a month or so.  I was hot and sticky, and my skin was slimy with days of sweat and dust.  I woke up in the night with my sweat drenched sleeping bag plastered to my skin.  I fantasized about water, ice cream, rain.  I wrapped my sleeping bag around the cooler in the backseat to insulate the ice so that my food didn't instantly spoil in the solar oven I called my car.  At times, my body forgot what it was like to be cold. 

Well, it remembers.

Consider it training for the CDT....

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