Sunday, July 8, 2012

Adventure Treks

Well, I've been plenty busy the last few days. After spend all that lovely time at Casa De Luna, I was back in Park City with my little goose balls. We got two full weeks of hanging out, goofing off, and enjoying the heat wave of early summer. The kiddos finished with school and we got to have some good times before we went our separate ways for summer.

Funny enough, we were all headed up to Oregon, just not quite the same place. I passed through some familiar places on the PCT in Cali as I headed north, and completed the missing two miles of my hike near Burney CA. Then I hit Lassen national park for a night, then Crater Lake. There was a ton of snow still around the rim and most of the hiking was limited, so I grabbed a back country permit, slogged up some of the snowy peaks near the rim, glissaded down, and then stealthed on the rim with a great view of the sun rise over Wizard island. While I don't want to condone breaking park rules, it was completely worth it for the views!!

From here, I rolled into Bend, OR for a wilderness first responder course for my new job. The class was a blast, a fun crowd of active people, and even though the weather wasn't always cooperating, we had a hooting good time! Although it seemed to be a refresher for alot of info I already knew, I was glad to get it done and meet some incredible people while at it.

From WFR training, I headed over to the coast for some less than relaxing.time, but that story is for another day. Anyway, I headed up just north of Portland for some damp and soggy job training, then met my staff crew for the summer and hopped in our 15 passenger van and drove back into Cali.

For the past few days we have been scouting our trip, visiting trailheads and campsites and dialing in our plan so that when the kids arrive we can perform some level of organized chaos. It's been very quiet, but hopefully with the arrival of our kids tomorrow, the summer can get under way! Our trip includes backpacking in the Shasta-Trinity Alps, mountain biking, climbing, rafting, climbing Mt Shasta, more rafting, and a backpack on the Lost Coast! Should be a wild and crazy 3 and 1/2 weeks!

From there, plans are still up in the air, but it's looking like I'll be paying a visit to Minnesota. And maybe taking a bike tour somewhere. And toss in a wedding. It'll be another busy fall, but then again, why not?!


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