Wednesday, May 30, 2012


After a two week hiatus, I'm back to blogging.  I was too busy relaxing to take the time to write.  Life is tough. 

So, you might suspect a lot has happened in two weeks, not really.  I navigated, with some strife, from Arizona to the Andersons' home, Casa de Luna, where I posted up and spent the last two weeks mingling with trail angels and hikers alike.  I cooked taco salad, consumed ample beers, caused mayhem, and assumed the role of "Social Chair."  I squeezed in about 4 showers, and rotated my two changes of clothes almost every day, but essentially, I just lived the life I love.  When the hardest decision you have to make is, "Should I walk .3 miles to the store today or can it wait until tomorrow?"'s a pretty awesome existence. 

Beyond the food and fantastically crappy reality television I enjoyed, the best part of it all was the people.  On the biggest evening, we had roughly 75 hikers staying the night, but over the last two weeks I think there was between 300 and 400 hikers that showed their faces around the area.  I got to meet some super awesome hikers, and heard all sorts of awesome stories.  Old faces that I recognized from last year appeared, some of whom were hiking this year, such as No Amp and Speedbump Sr.  The wonderful Liz came in for a few days to help shuttle hikers around and make sure that I ate healthy.  (Thanks LP!)  Current year hikers that I met at Kickoff and while doing trail magic with Unload trickled in a few at a time.  I even met two gals that previously worked for Adventure Treks and were taking the summer off to thru-hike.  And the Wolverines took over Memorial Day weekend with Jackass, Molasses, Steve Climber, Bounce Box, Upchuck, Scarecrow, and Bloodbank.  Both new and old faces consumed my days, and there was nothing more satisfying than just sitting around and feeling the constant buzz of energy. 

This community is the strongest I have ever belonged to and while I might call Park City "home" these days, I will always feel at home around these people.  Any time spent here makes me forget the fact that I hate walking!  I hate the walking part, but if that's the cost of admission, it's a steal.

And now, having arrived at the airport, I can starting looking forward and see the great things that are in my future.  I successfully got a position this summer with Adventure Treks!!!  I will be on the California Challenge II instructor team as a first year instructor, joining 5 other instructors, 24 kids, and tackle northern California this summer.  My trip will include backpacking in the Trinity Alps on the PCT, a summit attempt on Mt. Shasta, rafting, climbing, mt. biking, and backpacking on the Lost Coast.  I'm stoked!  I am currently bouncing back to Utah for the next two weeks, hanging out with my nanny kids, then redirecting to Bend, OR, for a wilderness first responder course, then immediately jumping to Portland to start training for the summer!  I ended up turning down working for Canyons for the summer to pursue this opportunity, but I think that this is the best choice for me be making for myself.  Again, I'm a little bummed that I won't be spending my summer in Park City, since I know that it has amazing things to do, but then again, there's always fall...

Busy, busy, busy...but I couldn't be more excited for this adventure to continue.  When I left for Arizona, this was not "the plan."  I don't think I could have ever planned for it to be this incredible.

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