Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Deja vu?

Back at the Phoenix greyhound. Returning to Cali. Hopefully I don't miss my bus this time!

Away from the heat and fires, into the mayhem and community of the PCT. I won't deny that it has been a bit of a bummer to have to walk away from the AZT but with alot of other pieces of my life falling into place, it's not a tragic event. And I feel at ease with my choice knowing that I'm not walking away because I miss home or can't take the pressures of hiking, but that Mother Nature isn't on board with this trip and is sending back to Cali to help make the 2012 PCT hikers successful in their adventures.

During my interview for this dream summer job, a question came up of, "how do you define community?" A tricky answer to put into words, but immediately my mind went straight to the PCT community. So dedicated and committed to helping others succeed, at financial, physical, and emotional costs. I have said time and time again, that I actually hate hiking, but I keep coming back for the community. Based on common interest, not demographics, the hiking community is the largest group of friends I can imagine. I think you would have a hard time drawing a 2663 mile line anywhere in the world and find anything close to what the PCT offers. So away I go to do my part to help, as so many did last year for me!

And in a fun side note...

I was checking around the website for the company Adventure Treks that I might get to work for this summer and found some cool things.
2 instructors previously worked at Camp Jewell with me.

1 instructor hiked the PCT last year. 2 are hiking this year, and 1 hiked in 2010.

2 have hiked the AT.

4 attended UNH in the outdoor education department (my original major.)

4 live/work in Park City.

I'd say that's a pretty awesome lineup!

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