Thursday, April 19, 2012

When does your smartphone get smarter than your brain?

So, I'm on day three. My body hurts. Like halfway thru Oregon pain. My legs throb, my back aches, and I'm tired. I understand that hiking twenty miles a day can do that to a person, but my hiker hobble might be at it's best (worst?) right now. but it's been lovely out there.

Since I spend alot of time thinking, I wanted to share what's been on my mind lately. I am undeniably tethered to my smartphone. My trail guidebook, databook, and water reports are all saved as pdfs. I have ten gigs of music, and all of my important emails saved. And I just downloaded the Skype app so I could make phone calls from towns with wifi, but without coverage.  I can check the weather, arrange rides, and balance my bank account from it. And to ensure that I can continue to do all these things I have a spare battery AND a solar charger. Are these good things? Yes and no. While on the PCT, I used my phone to call in I helicopter to help evacuate a fellow hiker. And if you ask my pops, I'm sure he is happy to hear from me often. But do I feel like I am a prisoner to my phone? Yes.

Well, if nothing else, you benefit from this, as this post is brought to you from that same phone...

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