Monday, April 16, 2012

New Adventure

In a quick change of plans (not that I really had any) I decided that I wanted to hike the Arizona Trail this spring.  I only learned about the trail around the end of March from Liz, and started researching it, and before I knew it, my dad had tickets to Tucson AZ booked.  So, I guess I'm going hiking!  I made travel arrangements, added a little mid-trail vacation to the ADZPCTKO in San Diego, started making weak Facebook connections with friends of friends of acquaintances, and started packing.

This can't come as too much of a shock to anyone.  I was bored, and having spent the last 7 months in Park City, I was one month over my usual "6-month adventure itch."  Walking is easy for me.  The gear was mostly owned and shoved into my closet.  I just had to sort out the details, my least favorite part.  Water caches, flights, mileage, passages, food drops, GPS, and of course, music.  The last week has been a hectic week in which at times I have to wonder, "why do I enjoy doing this to myself?!"  But for the most part, everything usually works out.

About the trail.

Roughly 800 miles, it runs from the Mexican Border to the Utah border, crossing mountain ranges and lots of desert, and tackling the imposing Grand Canyon by going straight down one side, and straight up the other.  It stays close to the bigger cities, paralleling just east of Tucson, Phoenix, and Flagstaff, finishing in the middle of nowhere in Southern Utah.  Yes, illegal immigrants can be a concern, but every trail has its unique character.  Hopefully friends (this means you!) will be out to join me for sections, however small, to break up the solitary experience I expect to find. Water is my primary issue.  I can walk, fairly well actually, but I cannot make water, and I don't care to taste my own urine.  But that sure would be a fun story.... 

Flight to Phoenix is boarding.  More details later!

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