Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AZT...who cares!

HAHA...just kidding.  But to be fair, right now, I couldn't care less abut the planning and the hiking...I'm going to Annual Day Zero PCT Kickoff!!!  In less than 24 hours, I will be with the friends that I struggled and suffered on the Pacific Crest Trail with, and I can't even begin to think of anything else.  This is going to be an amazing weekend!

So for some AZT related news, I saw my first Gila monster the other day.  He was about the length of my forearm, and very cool looking, and while I snapped some photos, I don't think I can figure out where on this Mac computer the photo card goes. I also pissed off two snakes this morning, one a rattler that was kind enough to warn me when I was about 4 feet away, but he was certainly defending his territory.  The other one was lazily laying across the middle of the trail, and when I poked him (or her) with my trekking pole, I created a very angry snake, that reared up, and was not going to let me pass.  I ended up hopping through the grass hoping that I didn't find any others.  The two snakes were less than 100 yards away, so my concern was justified!  I also think I saw a baby coral snake the other day, and have probably seen 47,013 small lizards.  I had a coati run across the road in front of me, and have flushed turkeys, mule deer, and lot of cows out of the brush.  Hiking alone certainly has its perks!

Enough for now, I'm going to sit on couch and drink a bottle of wine in my 10 dollar dress bought from K-mart.  Life is hard.

Oh but first...I rode a public bus today.  By myself.  This is silly I know, but for those of you that know me, nothing freaks me out more than navigating public transport.  However with my dandy smartphone in hand, I conquered it with ease and grace.  Well maybe not grace, I hadn't showered in over 10 days...

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  1. Have a Blast, you can do anything. Enjoy your time off, you work too hard, when you work. Haha. Pops