Friday, July 29, 2011

more pics

three more of my favorite photos...the first pic is our first sighting of the Sierra Nevada.  Look closely a little under my finger...lots of snow!  then the next two photos are on our approach to Forrester Pass.  Hopefully it gives you some idea of all the snow we were dealing with...pure insanity!

oh also check out kylie's blog at for more photos and really entertaining blogs...shes a bit more up-to-date than I am!


the first two photos are from climbing Forrester Pass.  The next two are from when we summitted Mt. Whitney, and the last two are just typical adventures!

WHOOOOOOAAA...were halfway thereeeeee!!!

yikes.  halfway.  does that mean I have to do this again?

But in all seriousness, I've made it halfway. 1325 miles. I think mentally, I hit the halfway point a longgggg time ago.  Its been a long time, and a lot of miles and frustrations since I left Mammoth Lakes.  For a while there, I was considering quitting.  It's not the easiest thing to admit, but it stopped being fun.  And started sucking.  ALOT.  I had been saying for a while that I was hiking this trail since I didn't really have much else to do, and if something better came along, I'd go do it.  Well I figured that anything had to be better than crawling through miles of snow, getting lost and navigating a trail that is completely covered, and feeling glued to a GPS.  In the past month, my hiking partners have shuffled considerable, and this was a weird, though welcome change.  (except I miss Kylie...her parents came over from Australia to see her, and she got off trail to spend time with them...hopefully she'll catch up!)

I'm happy to say that by now, the trail is clear of snow, I'm hiking with 3 really enjoyable folk, eating as much as I can to get my weight up, and I am back to enjoying the life.  It sucked really bad for a time there though!

I only have a few minutes left of the library computer, and while I know that I owe y'all a much better report of the trail, the most important part is that I am still on it.  My body is holding up good, and my gear is making it...though new shoes and socks are much needed and hopefully will be delivered in time to the next town stop.

Oh and by far, the most important piece of news.  I ate a half gallon of chocolate ice cream to celebrate the halfway point.  By myself.  In 21 minutes.  There are times when I absolutely love being a hiker!