Thursday, June 30, 2011

900 miles.

Well, more time away from the trail.  It's often a bittersweet feeling being off the trail and in town.  Lots of errands need to be ran, but it sucks having to run around like crazy when life on trail is so simple.  Really briefly, the mountains have been really good to us lately, and the passes have been fun, and the miles have been easier.  More of the trail is exposed so only about half of the time we are walking on snow and staring at the GPS for navigation.  The river crossings have been awful though, and thankfully we have made them all safely and mostly dry, but the thaw is well on its way, and we will have some big crossings up ahead of us. We are also hitting Yosemite soon, and I am stoked to get back in that park and climb Half Dome again.  Its such a great experience and should be a very busy weekend with the 4th happening. 

This is just a short post since the other 6 hikers in the library smell so bad that my stomach is turning, so off I go to buy food for the next resupply.  All is good and dandy in the hiking world, and at some point I promise to go into more details about the Sierra, but these mountains are just so hard to explain and do justice to.  Stay safe out there, and wear sunscreen.  Especially on the underside of your nose.  It hurts a lot when the sun reflects off the snow and your inner nose gets burned.  Or your tongue.  Just saying.

Oh and for all you ski junkies.  It snowed yesterday on me.  June 29th.  Mammoth Ski Resort is still open for skiing.  Crazy. 

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