Friday, May 6, 2011

109 done!

Ah what a wonderful life.  The hiking and the camping comes naturally, but the awesome people and times with them is what makes me want to keep doing this.  From the start, putting in some strong miles, trying to average above the 20's.  Even with a 5 hour siesta, pulled a 25.  Its really stinking hot! 

The trail love has been amazing.  Stocked water caches, trail angels galore, hiker feeds, and incredible company.  I am having a great time.  This community is so supportive and there is an "open door" type of mentality where everyone is welcome.  Its been a completely different experience than my AT hike, and it's impossible to wipe the smile off of my face.  I feel good, a few bothersome blisters, but I've taken some time to rest in the Warner hot springs, and I'm ready to get back on the trail.  Well, not exactly, last night was cinco de drinko.  I think I shall soak a little longer...

A nice woman named Barbara stopped by a group of us in a parking lot and gave us all gardian angel coins and wished us luck and safe travels.  But she also gave us some great advice.  If we aren't having fun, then we're doing something wrong.  So far I think I'm doing it right. 

and for some random fun facts:
2 rattlesnakes
109 miles
1 fourloko
1 headlamp lost (and one headlamp borrowed! - thanks Luna)
6 days of hiking
3 coolers at road crossings
3 zero days
and 1 popped blister.