Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Girls Have All The Luck...

...And I'm not one of them.  Good News or Bad News first?  Lets go with the good.  They didn't steal everything.  Bad, my car was broken into and my dashboard GPS, and wilderness therapy backpack were stolen.  It could have been so much worse, my spare keys were in it, and since I was moving out of my house, about 3/4 of my life had already been packed in and they could have taken everything.  I thought crime like this didn't happen in Utah.  Silly, naive me.

I figure they ended up getting a few hundred dollars of stuff; my new Osprey pack, my supplies for my former wilderness backpacking job, a 8 inch bushman knife.  They were probably a little confused when they opened that pack and there was a bag of fire making supplies, a HUGE med-kit, and other random clothing that oozed campfire smells.  But maybe they needed it more than me.  If they had taken my PCT backpack, or the car (yikes) then I would not be en route to San Diego now, but thankfully, my plans are still a go.  On the whole, my life is not impacted too much by this, but I'm a little disheartened and frustrated.

Oh, and three weeks ago, my wallet went missing.  April has been cruel!

Ah, but that will all be behind me soon, and Thursday, I will once again, be living out of a backpack and everything will slow back down to a much more manageable speed.  I need to get back on the trail and re-ignite my faith in humanity.

All my gear is ready to go, my two re-supply packages will be in the mail today, and I'm feeling really good.  I went on a nice little jaunt up Angel's Landing in Zion yesterday that was beautiful, warm, and left the legs aching a bit.  A wonderful change from the frigid Park City winter.

I'm a little nervous but mostly excited...time to get moving!

 Oh.  And I camped in the yard last night for fun.  Didn't know there were sprinklers.  The contrail is very waterproof FYI. 

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