Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Long Story Short

Well, to start off, 6 months ago, I wasn't thinking about the PCT.  But sometimes life is like that.  After a few sudden life changes and plans going haywire, I ended up in Salt Lake City, UT.  There are certainly worse places to end up for a La Nina snow year.  So I find myself with a new snowboard, no commitments, and a job working with kids at a local resort.  Not the plan, but hey, time to make lemonade out of lemons.  So with a roof over my head, and some time to get sorted, I realized that the Pacific Crest Trail is the right idea for the summer.  My seasonal employment finished in mid-April, and gives me just enough time to organize, divide, and conquer.  So with my life in a storage unit, once again, I will be headed to San Diego to abandon my car with a car-sitter, and start walking north.

So, being my first blog, I think its appropriate to explain what its all about.  Sometimes in life, things just don't work out the way you want them to.  But with years of evolution under our belt (or whatever you believe), humans are nothing if not INCREDIBLY adaptable.  Just watch ten minutes of any Discovery Channel Human Planet show.  So here it is, my evolution.  I am going to go with the flow, throw caution to the wind, put faith in the unknown and any other number of cliches.  I don't have any burning reason to hike the PCT, I just want to re-experience the joy of a simple life of hiking.  And the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with trusting strangers, pushing beyond my comfort zone, and when it's all said and done, the feeling of pride and accomplishment.  It's very easy for me to measure the last year of my life by failures instead of successes, and I think I am ready for a change. 

For my hike, I'm putting myself out there.  I am placing my fears and stress aside, and hiking under the guise that it will all work out.  I am going to give more time to meeting strangers, more time to enjoying the simple things in life, and more time being vulnerable to the world that's out there.  Good things happen everyday, so I'm going to make myself as available as possible!

So here's to change.


  1. You have crazy ambitions, all my love goes with you. Good luck, maybe I'll surprise you along trail. I did survived Katahdin. Your biggest fan, your Dad.

  2. I am another one of your big fans! You are amazing! Lots of love, Meagan